In Our Business

Upscale Marketing Services

Uptimize Marketing focuses on helping our clients grow their business so they can focus on what they do best: keeping their customers happy. We listen to your goals and frustrations, and help you develop a marketing plan that helps you become more visible, reachable—and profitable. That can mean creating new marketing materials for a more consistent look and feel across your business, and it can mean using new channels to reach a wider audience.  

We aim to listen, respond quickly, communicate throughout the entire project and provide you with the right answers and solutions. Our team consists of talented project managers, copywriters, editors, social media experts, web designers/developers and industry insiders. We all share a set of attributes: 



Genuine, Accepting, Authentic

We’re here to help small businesses succeed. We understand business and the struggles of business owners. We don't judge anyone on where they are; we just try to help them get where they are trying to go.


Dependable, Dedicated, Determined

We work hard to understand your business, create plans that fit your needs and yield the results you seek. We believe in rolling up our sleeves and partnering with our clients.


Curious, Always Learning, Continuously Improving

There’s always room for growth and learning. We believe in trying new things, discovering what works and what does not and continually refining the plans we create. We are always looking up—reviewing and improving our plans to grow your business.


Ethical, Transparent,

We only suggest services that fit your needs. We don't upsell or re-use old plans that have been run into the ground. If it isn't in your best interest, it isn't really in our best interest, either. Your success is our success -- we truly believe that.

Our History

Uptimize Marketing started as TLC Marketing in 2015. Our founder, Tracey Cheek, combined her strong background in aviation with marketing skills and found herself providing support to many in her industry. It didn’t take long for her client base to expand beyond aviation, and her staff expanded along with it. We ended up outgrowing our name and wanted to create a new brand that uniquely represents the values we believe in and present in our work.   

We want to help you, our valued customers, move up in the business world by providing marketing fine-tuned to your needs. We want to optimize your message and your presence. And when you put move up and optimize together, it kind of rolls into Uptimize. Clever, huh?  

Welcome. We’re here for you and look forward to discussing your marketing needs. 

Tracey Cheek is a marketing professional with nearly 30 years of experience owning, operating and marketing her own businesses. She understands the needs and desires of entrepreneurs to see measurable results from their marketing efforts, and appreciates the importance of working with clients to create and implement marketing plans specifically designed to meet the needs of their individual businesses.

Tracey also has the distinct experience of working with trade associations to help grow their presence and membership. Her experience helping small businesses succeed carries over nicely to her trade association clients.

Tracey is also an entrepreneur and loves talking to business owners about their entrepreneurial journey. All entrepreneurs have a story about how and why they started their business. The entrepreneurial roller coaster has its ups and downs, and Tracey loves hearing about struggles and successes. Mistakes made and lessons learned. The journey isn’t easy, and there are always hardships along the way, but that is the only path to success. If it were easy, everyone would do it.

If you are an entrepreneur with a story, feel free to reach out to Tracey. She would love to hear your story.