Entrepreneur  Close-

In this episode of Entrepreneur Close-Up, we interview Sarah Kalmeta, owner of Pivot Point, a mindset coach and developer of success strategies.  Sarah takes people stuck in their careers and coaches them to kiss their limitations goodbye and recognize their strengths to reach higher altitudes and aptitudes. She believes change doesn’t take time; it takes intention. The programs she develops for executives, entrepreneurs, teams and managers are tailored to the person’s needs and may sprinkle in wellness practices such as yoga, meditation and reiki.
Maybe you’ve heard the story before, but only in movies. The successful businesswoman gives it all up and travels home to live and save the family’s farm far away from the exciting city life. But for Mary Blackmon, this isn’t a movie; it’s her real life.
In this edition of Entrepreneur Close-Up, I speak with Jennifer Kerr and Lori Payne, owners of Absolute Balance Pilates studio in Oklahoma City. Jennifer and Lori have built a successful business with a growing clientele. Along with strength and balance, their secret sauce is taking a personal and holistic approach with each client.