Entrepreneur  Close-

In today's competitive landscape, employees are the fearless sailors who keep companies afloat and guide them toward success. These hard-working and dedicated individuals are the backbone of any successful enterprise, and their contributions are invaluable. 
If you are looking for the inside story, guidance and valuable lessons, tune into this must-watch interview with Jack Gilchrist. Jack is an exemplary attorney who started his own law firm many years ago. His experience can provide advice and insights for those seeking to embark on their own entrepreneurial path. His story inspires anyone who wants to learn what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.
The most meaningful lessons we can learn as entrepreneurs and small business owners are from the experience of entrepreneurs that came before us. These people set the bar for us and give us hope that we can overcome the perceived hurdles that lay before us. In this edition of Entrepreneur Close-Up, I interview René Banglesdorf. She is an excellent example for those seeking the entrepreneur track and seeking guidance and insight into what it’s like to be and become an entrepreneur.