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Association Marketing

Trade associations are designed to add value to members. Many begin with a limited staff and a strong volunteer support system but can quickly outgrow their volunteers’ abilities.

Executive Directors and leaders of trade associations can find themselves up to their eyes in work they can’t handle, fed up with their marketing efforts (or lack thereof) and being one-upped by other member organizations in their space. Their board members and volunteers do what they can to help, but their own busy lives prevent them from contributing as much as they would like. This results in untapped opportunities for growth and potential revenue streams left lying on the floor.

Uptimize Marketing can help! We’ve worked with trade associations for more than 20 years and understand the ins and outs of this unique landscape. We know association management is an industry unto itself, and our experience with organizations like yours means we’re an ideal partner for your organization.

We can help you identify and take advantage of untapped or underutilized revenue streams, including:

  • sponsorship development and promotion
  • member recruitment and retention strategies
  • event marketing
  • and more.

We work with your existing staff and volunteers to help take work off your plate, increase your revenue streams, grow your membership and take your association to the next level.

What can Uptimize do for your association?

Sponsorship Development and Promotion

Membership Recruitment
and Retention