Scale Your Marketing

Small Business Marketing

You’re already successful, and you know you could blow the roof off the competition if you had some good marketing going on. You need to be uptimized, my friend. And here’s the good news: small to mid-sized businesses are our specialty. We understand what you’re dealing with because we’ve done it, too.

Full Marketing Services:

  • Strategy: Great marketing begins with a solid strategy. Taking time to outline a marketing strategy puts your business and marketing efforts on a stable and fast track. You may see many options out there, and it can feel overwhelming and confusing on who to trust and where to start. We can help you develop a clear strategy to navigate the jungle and help you choose what options work best for your business and why.

  • Content Marketing: You’re the industry expert. Make sure everyone understands that. Most people research the heck out of a business before they make any purchase, big or small. Content lets potential customers know that you are the expert in what you do and allows them to safely research your business. Google also loves relevant, useful content. Content marketing drives organic traffic to your website, grows your email marketing list, and can convert website visitors into regular customers.

  • Website design: The look and feel of a website can quickly become dated with time and changes to your business. It may feel overwhelming to tackle a website redesign, but we make the process easy. We don’t stop at creating functional, beautiful, and thoughtfully designed websites. Our website design service includes everything you need from concept to completion, including writing content that matches your marketing strategy.

  • Social Media: Marketing isn’t effective when it sits and hides behind a desk. We believe actively participating in social media marketing and advertising builds your online presence, helps your prospects get to know you, promotes your content and drives traffic to your website. If you are not on social media in today’s digital marketplace, you are likely missing out.

  • Email Marketing: Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to communicate directly with customers. It is also a great way to grow your contact list and track prospect and client engagement. But email marketing only works if you know who your clients are and what kind of emails they really want to receive. We know the tricks of the trade, and with effective email marketing, we can build your fanbase and keep your business front and center.

Uptimize offers much more than the services listed above. Our marketing firm finds the options that fit your business best, including other services like graphic design work, logo development, brand strategy and more. As we learn about your business, situation and where you want to go, we can offer services tailored to your needs.