Leveling Up Your Event Game 

Events play a central role in building budgets and providing an essential investment in your brand's marketing and bottom line. According to a report by Bizzabo, 95% of marketers believe that live events give attendees a valuable opportunity to form in-person connections in an increasingly digital world. This statistic highlights the immense potential of well-executed event marketing strategies to drive meaningful results.  
We are set to celebrate National Volunteer Week from April 21 to 27. This is the perfect time to spotlight the incredible contributions of association member volunteers. Without their dedication and passion, organizations simply wouldn’t exist.  
Ahh, the daily, thrilling life of association management, where the to-do lists are endless. Picture this: association staff running through a maze of setting up new members, juggling renewing dues, orchestrating events and somehow managing to keep members engaged in this whirlwind adventure.
Association events are the biggest source of non-dues revenue and play a central role in building budgets so you can expand your capabilities. So strategically marketing these events is an essential investment in your association’s brand and bottom line.