A healthy and vibrant association is one with actively engaged members who renew their memberships year after year. While the number of members is an important metric, the accurate measure of success lies in membership retention. In this article, we will explore the significance of retention in association marketing and provide actionable strategies for improving and maintaining high retention rates.  
Creating community is what association members value most, but the reality is that revenue is critical to an association’s survival. One quick way to dissolve a sense of community is to dump dues and fees on your members just to raise the bottom line. So, how do you balance paying the bills and growing the association without putting the financial burden on members? 
The working world is giving ChatGPT two thumbs up and a happy dance. From those trying to write a love letter to students finishing term papers and marketers making clever product names, it seems that ChatGPT can do it all.  
Associations play a vital role in connecting professionals, advancing industries and fostering collaboration. But we get it; we all struggle with the same concerns. From intern meltdowns to boardroom drama, we’ve learned some valuable lessons, and we are here to help associations like yours navigate the treacherous waters of marketing and achieve some serious growth.