Entrepreneur  Close-

In this edition of Entrepreneur Close-Up, I speak with Jennifer Kerr and Lori Payne, owners of Absolute Balance Pilates studio in Oklahoma City. Jennifer and Lori have built a successful business with a growing clientele. Along with strength and balance, their secret sauce is taking a personal and holistic approach with each client.
Every entrepreneur has a story. We invite you to listen to Tim’s. Tim is a home builder with over 20 years' experience. He is the "son" in Turner & Son Homes. Tim is the CEO and still works with his partner Ben, his dad, who has been building since 1964.
Entrepreneurs are born, not made, right? Well, from experience, we know the entrepreneurial journey isn’t for everyone, and the path is full of successes and failures before someone feels confident enough to give themselves the entrepreneurial title. These journeys are exciting, and we are thrilled to share our second episode of Entrepreneur Close-Up, where we take a close look at Dave Younge’s long-time journey as a business owner and entrepreneur.