The Power of a Brand: Logos 

Most customers recognize a company by its logo before anything else. A logo doesn’t even need to have the company’s name in it to be effective.  Logos are powerful. Businesses use symbols to efficiently advertise without using words, hoping that, in an instant, a customer will know who the company is, what they do and what they stand for. But even though logos are often the most appealing part of a company, they only represent one part of a company’s branding.
In our previous post, Your Identity: Vision, Mission, Values and the Ultimate Why, we built up our case for the power of a brand. To recap, business owners can build powerful brands like McDonald’s, Nike and FedEx. First, however, small-business owners and entrepreneurs must create a marketing strategy to achieve this.
In introducing our “Power of a Brand” blog series, we underlined the importance of a brand and brand strategy for small b2b businesses and entrepreneurs. The take-home from the introduction is anyone can build a powerful brand, even if you think there is not enough time, or you don’t know how to start.  

The Power of a Brand

What do you think of when you hear the word brand? Nike, Coca-Cola, Apple, Levi’s, Lego? Your brain could go on and on. You can picture the logo in your mind, and the image alone sparks your memory of experiencing that brand before.